Coke, MAS Index, Female Leadership

Mary Minnick, President of Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation, Coca-Cola MAS Index What is “good” business leadership in a female leader? The normative ethical concept of “good” business leadership is an interesting question as increasing numbers of women enter senior positions in global organizations. The groundbreakers set standards for not only women but also men – […]

The Fast Food Industry: Kentucky Fried Chicken

The fast-food industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry, and one of the largest in the world, with multiple and diverse players. Most of the strongest brands are American, and despite short-term ups-and-downs, the greater expansion pace doesn’t show signs of abating. The hottest regions are the emerging economies (such as China), being fought over […]

Then & Now: Theodore Levitt’s Globalization of Markets

Prof. Theodore Levitt (Harvard Business School) stated almost two decades ago that “[t]he globalization of markets is at hand. With that, the multinational commercial world nears its end, and so does the multinational corporation” How does today’s global business environment comport with his vision? He may not have been prescient, but he pointed the way […]

Multinational Corporations Use of Strategic Alliances

The recent trends of how MNCs are using various types of strategic alliances include: 1. Technology Exchange R&D is expensive, and payoffs don’t always come quickly. This factor is the most significant element to the other trends following, as today’s products life spans are very short, and time is of the essence in business. 2. […]

Organizational Structures of Multinational Corporations

Today’s MNCs are faced with fast and technologically-influenced changes in global markets. Optimizing global efficiencies, national responsiveness, and worldwide learning all required MNCs to find new strategic orientations and changes in organizational capabilities. International markets are complex and volatile, requiring management to find new ways of efficiently meeting rapid changes. Many MNCs such as Dow […]

Michael Porter’s Five-Forces Model & Sovereign States

In Michael Porter’s argument that “companies achieve competitive advantage through acts of innovation,” how does “innovation” fit within the process of strategic decision-making? How different is the process of a sovereign state achieving national competitiveness from that of a single firm or industry? In corporations as in individuals, continual growth is key to success in […]